Importance of athlete management in MMA

High-level mixed-martial artists should focus on winning their bout and nothing else. 

The matchmaking, promotions, marketing, and the overall well-being of the fighter should be taken care of by their Sports Management team. They are as important as the athlete in shaping a successful career.

Guiding the athlete’s career.

They can make sure their fighter gets featured on cards and can fight certain opponents. Being placed on a good fight card can help with marketability, as it could be somewhere the public gets to see the talent of this athlete for the first time. This can help them line-up better fights and establish a following.

Gone are the days where companies will just hand over thousands of dollars because an athlete says they will put their logo on shorts and the banner.

Finding a suitable opponent is also important, as it can be a way for the fighter to display their strengths against a certain opponent at the beginning of their career. A Sports Management team can help scout the weaknesses of opponents as a strength to the client. As they produce, they can negotiate and pick out higher-ranked fighters to establish a quicker trajectory in the fighter’s career. Strategic and organized management is a key ingredient that can help buffer or reduce the “noise” going on in an athlete’s life.

develop an athlete’s brand.

An athlete may not possess the time or the knowledge to appropriately market themselves on social media and elsewhere. A fully integrated marketing strategy is paramount to maximizing exposure, and a Sports Management team can achieve this for them. 

BTC Fight Promotions Matchmaker Rob Veevers believes this is a key component of the fighter and management relationship.


“A good management group should assist the athlete with building and maintaining their brand via social media, work in the community, etc. As the brand develops, it will benefit the athlete in regards to future fights, obtaining sponsorships. Gone are the days where companies will just hand over thousands of dollars because an athlete says they will put their logo on shorts and the banner.”

Lastly, it is so integral because mixed martial artists have to live a tough lifestyle. They are susceptible to injury and undergo grueling training and mental pressure. A management team can look after details that can serve their health and well-being. Some of the better management teams, like Pride Sports Management, will offer fighters a nutritionist and a psychologist. This can help keep the athlete on track with their health, which will allow for a smoother weight cut and a more productive training camp.

In a matchmaker’s perspective, a good management team is realistic with requests and equally communicative.

For example, a team that attempts to establish easier fights all the time will not do well for their client. It is absurd to request the lesser fighter regardless of the athlete’s ranking. The same could be said for requesting higher amounts of money compared to the current value of the athlete.

Veevers said this disregard for the organization’s economic well-being is irritating. 

“I get the impression coaches, and fighters don't care if a promotion is financially successful which blows my mind because the promotions are a business if a business consistently loses money they will close that business if that business closes, that is one less platform for fighters to showcase themselves.”


In addition, a good management team will showcase consistent communication. Providing the matchmaker/president of the organization a substantial notice of a drop-out is important. It can be harming the relationship with the organization if the team consistently pulls out of fights with a brief warning.

It is necessary they keep in touch with organizations relating to matchmaking fights and setting out a contract. If they are dismissive or can’t seem to buy time for a call, it makes the relationship more tense and can cause serious issues for the athlete. If a deal can’t get made promptly, the fighter won’t be able to fight on the card requested and will miss on money and publicity. 

A sports management team is crucial in making life easier for the athlete and taking care of their well-being. Without a great team behind the fighter, they wouldn’t be where they are.